1. When should I order my cake?
For wedding cakes, Chef Charles recommends that you order your cake two to seven months in advance… he can handle last minute situations, but prefers pre-planned creations. All wedding cake orders must be finalized 30 days in advance of the event date.

Wedding cakes may be ordered up to a year in advance.

For special occasion or classical cakes, a one week advance order will usually fit into her baking limitations.

2. What types or choices of cakes do you offer?
Butter Cake
Vanilla Bean Chiffon
Chocolate Chiffon
Citrus Chiffon
Almond Butter Cake
Classic Sponge
Carrot Cake
Red Velvet
Spiced Sponge
White Chocolate
Butter Cake
Chocolate Butter Cake

3. What types of fillings may I choose from?
Chocolate Mousse
Lemon Curd
Fruit Preserves
Sweet Cream Cheese
Fruit Mousse
Whip Cream
Bavarian Cream
Espresso Cream
Fresh Fruit
Mocha Mousse
Vanilla Mascarpone

If you don’t see a flavor that you want, just talk with Chef Charles and she can meet whatever you taste buds desire.

Cakes are soaked with flavored simple syrups to coordinate with the filling.

Multiple fillings and cake choices for the layers are included in each price.

4. Can you give me an idea about how much my wedding cake will cost?
Wedding cakes at Candied Apple Pastry Company will range in price from $4 to $12 per serving… The cost may be higher if you choose an elaborate design.

Frosting Choices:
Swiss Buttercream – $4.00/ Slice
Whip Cream – $5.50/ Slice
Chocolate Ganache – $5.50/ Slice
Sugar Fondant – $6.25-10.00/ Slice
Marzipan – $6.50-12.00/ Slice
Chocolate Fondant – $6.50-12.00/ Slice

Fresh Fruit – $.25-50/ Slice (season availability)
Pillars for cake Separation – 2 Layers Max./ $10.00
*Difficulty of design may alter price
5. What is fondant? What does fondant taste like?
Fondant is a smooth sugar dough used on the outside of the cake to give a smooth porcelain texture. It can be colored to match any shade you want. It is rolled out and laid over the iced cake as a decorative finish. The taste is sweet and does not interfere with the cake’s flavorings… it’s like the sweet sugar taste of a marshmallow.

6. For a straight sided wedding cake how many tiers do I need?
This is a general guide for the number of tiers you will need for a cake, based on how many people you would like to serve. This can be modified somewhat to produce a taller or shorter cake.

up to 25 servings = two tiers
up to 75 servings = three tiers
up to 150 servings = four tiers
up to 225 servings = five tiers
up to 300 servings = six to seven tiers

You may order back-up cake and have a smaller main cake. At least 2/3rds of the order must be in the main cake. Back-up cakes can be in round or sheet cake form.

7. For a whimsical cake how many tiers will I need?
15 to 30 servings = one tier
35 to 50 servings = two tiers
60 to 80 servings = two tiers with a pedestal cake
75 to 125 servings = three tiers
150 to 200 = three tiers with pedestal cake

8. How can I sample Candied Apple Pastry Wedding Cakes?
Once you have booked your wedding reception site, simply schedule an appointment with Chef Charles to discuss your design and have a tasting. He will need 72 hours prior to your visit to create a small wedding cake for sampling.

9. How is the cake served?
Make sure an experience person is in charge of serving the wedding cake. If the cutting is not uniform and if the plating is not kept tidy, disaster is just around the corner. A true nuptial faux pas results when you run out of cake servings for your guests.

10. Are there SET UP & DELIVERY Fees?
Yes, there is a $25 Set Up Fee for all Wedding Cakes and an additional $.50 for each mile from Julian to your reception site for the delivery.

11. What PAYMENT TERMS do you require?
We require a 25% deposit of the estimated total to reserve our services.
Without a deposit, your date is not secure.

The balance on your order is due 30 days in advance of your event date.