Executive Pastry Chef Charles Scott uses only the finest Belgium chocolate and real butter and cream to create Candied Apple Pastry Company’s confections. The apples are covered with thick layers of sugar, chocolate, caramel and nuts. Call ahead to have them created to your preference.

Great Packaged Gifts
Most confection items are packaged for convenient gift giving or traveling with you to that remote picnic spot. Our confections make great hostess and thank you gifts.

The Confections Menu
Meringue Kisses
Chocolate Truffles
Chocolate Fudge
Caramels & Almond Toffee
Chocolate Bark
Cookies, Brownies & Bars
Seasonally Decorated Shortbread Cookies
Assorted Flavors of Biscotti

Candied APPLES
Traditional RED Candied Cinnamon Apple
Cherry RED Candied Apple
Blue Raspberry Candied Apple
Grape Candied Apple
Plain Caramel Apple
Caramel Apple with Nuts
Apple Pie Caramel Apple
Cookies & Cream Caramel Apple
Cheesecake Caramel Apple
Motherload Chocolate Caramel Apple

Party & Wedding Favors
For Wedding Favors we use smaller green apples and a color ribbon to coordinate.