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Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cookware Review

Cuisinart cookware is known to be amongst the highest quality cooking tools available. In this Cuisinart stainless steel cookware set they combine the best properties of two different types of metals – aluminium and stainless steel – in order to create superior cooking utensils. By far the best stainless steel cookware set in the Cuisinart range, the cuisinart multiclad pro model provides 7 different pans and pots and read more

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Is Staub Cookware Any Good? And Is It Worth The Price?

If you’re an amateur cook who loves to spend time inside the kitchen, then you probably heard of Staub Cookware.

Staub Cookware perfectly combines traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to develop high-quality products that fits every kitchen. The cookware is used by prestigious restaurants and domestic kitchens alike.

Many users rave about the cookware’s perfection and versatility, but is Staub Cookware any good? And is it worth the price? Let’s take a closer look at Staub Cookware’s design and features here, and compare staub with le Creuset. d

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Eggnog Truffles with white Chocolate Recipe


These truffles do actually have egg nog in them, you would be surprised how many recipes I found that didn’t. The egg nog is mixed with white chocolate and then rolled and dipped in more white chocolate. For the first time ever I tempered chocolate. I was so proud of myself. The tempered chocolate gives them a nice crack when you bite in, followed by the smooth center.

Oh and these totally freeze well which means you can make extra and hide them in the freezer from your family read more